What is Earth Energy?

Back in the 1930s dowsers started to notice that they got dowsing reactions at prehistoric monuments. The dowsers were dowsing for water so the reactions were initially interpreted as being related to underground streams. Reginald Allender Smith, for example, found that at the centre of each prehistoric 'temple' there is what he called a ‘blind spring’ where a number lines form a radiating pattern. Such a pattern of lines could hardly be attributed to flowing water, but other dowsers got similar results.

Interest in the ‘dowsable lines’ associated with ancient monuments and sacred sites grew and the ideas evolved. Notable contributions came from Tom Lethbridge and, later, Tom Graves with his highly influential book Needles of Stone.

The lines were studied under the umbrella term ‘Earth Mysteries’. Eventually they emerged with the name ‘Earth Energy’ lines.

In the 1980s ideas about Earth Energy lines became associated with the idea of 'ley lines', mainly though The Sun and the Serpent, another highly influential book which tells of two dowsers tracking Earth Energy lines cross-country as they travel between aligned sites.

Over the years there has been much research into Earth Energy, notably the Dragon Project. One of the findings of the research is that dowsers do not all find the same patterns. Two dowsers dowsing the same site don’t necessarily agree, just as two television sets side by side won't necessarily show the same picture. The Earth Energy Map is an attempt to make sense of everyone’s varied dowsing.

It seems that just about anyone can detect the lines. All uploads to the Earth Energy Map are welcome. Dowsing rods can be made from a couple of coat hangers. Dowsing around your local church might be a good way to start.

Some links that might be of interest:

The British Society of Dowsers has an active Earth Energy group. Their website also has a useful international list of dowsing groups.

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The Megalithic Portal is a website with a wealth of information on prehistoric sites.

Western Geomancy has interesting information on Geopathic Stress and links related to Earth Energy dowsing.

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